czwartek, 7 stycznia 2016

Me Tinder and I

Everyone know or have heard about the “dating” app called Tinder I know you know it, yes you!
Well the very first time I saw the swipe left, swipe right app  was in the Vogue article about famous people who were actually using it on a daily basis. I laughed at it and that was it.

Then a few months later I met up with a group of my friends for a lovely catch up session. I remember one of them saying "ohhh it’s a match" out of nowhere  and  I was like saaay whaaaaaat?
5 minutes later and I knew what was the hype all about.
Download the free app, connect your profile to Facebook, choose pictures, write a few words about yourself and that’s it, all set. Now just swipe left, swipe right ,so easy and who knows maybe you can find a perfect match just like in the movies :)

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Heeeeeey you! 
After almost 2 years break I'm back... We'll see how long for this time.
I just have a few post ideas in my head that I want to share and this may be the best place to do that.
Twitter has limits, too tmi for FB and IG is just not the same.
From now on I'll write mostly in English, will try to include the Polish version underneath, but it  may not always be available.
 ~ Jo