poniedziałek, 29 lutego 2016

Don't just dream it!

Today I’m serving you a major throwback to august 2010. I’ve never really shared my story before. 
I remember the first time I saw this advert on my telly and straight away  I knew I had to win it and guess what… I did!
All you had to do was to show the contest committee that you’ve got a spark in you :)
My video entry was… let’s say different than the others.*Drumroll please*  I called myself the zipper gurl and like the name said – I know it’s going to sound weird -  but I used  my jacket’s zipper as the instrument and played on it  to Pirates of the Caribbean theme song. Cray cray, right? Hahah
Anyway I won the contest and went to Budapest for a few days to film Katy's new music video there. The whole journey was such a great experience that I will never ever  forget. I was able to be on the same set as Katy, see her working  in front of me, dance around for so many  hours, party with the international crew  and many more. How cool! 

Unfortunately we were not supposed to take pictures/video anything  while on the set, but here are a few pictures I’ve  found online, when the firework music video came out.

środa, 24 lutego 2016

Emojis emojis everywhere!

Did you notice the change? It's all about Facebook today.

Have you ever felt like the “thumbs up” button  was too weak to express  how much  you loved  the post or  maybe you had  to avoid pressing it, because of how very sad/depressing/ dreadful  the post was?? See… not anymore?!  FB team has just came out with the new solution.

niedziela, 21 lutego 2016

Going to concerts alone

Ohh, you’re the one going to concerts solo? Whaaaat? Why?! Are you not scared? 
Just a few questions I get every time I say I want to go to a concert on my own.
Yep, I am the one going to concerts alone and I don’t give a damn… anymore.
I used to be that person who didn’t care much about music/concerts until probably like 7 years ago. Why?

A) I never had enough money
B) Not many famous artists would have come/got invited  to Poland in the past
C) I was too young and my parents wouldn’t  let me go abroad for concerts

But.. everything has changed and now I would rather not go out on a Friday evening  and spend all my money on a concert instead.
 Last year I was fortunate enough to spent 8 months in the UK and went to a few shows. Not every time  I had someone to go with.
The first time was in Liverpool, where I went  for Vevo Halloween. I remember feeling awkward at the beginning, but not for too long. An hour had passed and I met a girl who was in exactly same situation as I was. Our friends cancelled on us very last minute and we couldn’t give up the chance to see our favs.
What a great night that was! Awesome vibes and  I got to see James Bay, Nothing but Thieves and Years& Years and a few more.