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Find light in the beautiful sea, I choose to be happy... (video)

Looks like I'm baaaack again!
Due to some radical changes in my life I have less time and energy to focus on my blog. When you finally decide living that grown up life, you realize getting enough sleep is more important than writing posts, especially when there's nothing cool around to write about.

Anyway today I'm throwing it back to this iconic:) Friday night last week.
That's when I went to Warsaw to see Rihanna live for the very first time and I must say I was blown away, yo! 
I'm so glad going alone is not a big deal for me anymore, I made some new friends while queuing. Ummm have I just mentioned the Q-word? I think I'm too old for that. It's funny how every time I queue I say exactly the same thing- it's for the last time, but then somehow I do it again. Oh well. I guess vibe right in front of the stage is much better for me than seated area.
If I didn't  hate complaining so much, I'd tell you about our Hunger Games barrier run, but ain't nobody got time for that :P  I just hope Polish Live Nation will be able to organize door opening process properly one day.

We got inside 5ish and Rihanna wasn't on until 9:00, but time went by faster when Big Sean came on stage. I remember calling him Sean Paul at first, opps! Is it bad I didn't know any of his songs? He was cool, made the whole stadium jump, but also showed us his Calvin's and did some kind of a belly dance :D

Then a few mins past 9 SHE appeared, wearing a white-ish cape, singing Stay. Man, I loooove this song. 
There's a short video mashup that you can watch below. I tried not to film a lot, because gigs are about singing, dancing and living in the moment.

As a person who has been traveling a lot to see my favs performing, I must say concerts in Poland are different. People get way more excited, they sing, they jump, but also scream from the top of their lungs and I'm not sure if I like it . Don't get me wrong I love the vibe, but I think artists appreciate you more when you sing with them or smile when they come close to you. At least that's what I do.

Okay...she slayed, I loved the show , but he absolute highlight of the night for me was Riri singing Love On The Brain. This song does weird things to me that I can't explain and now I'm even more obsessed with it. I can't stop hitting the replay button.

Well, bitch has all my money now, but it was worth it. 
If I didn't have to go to work on Tuesday, I'd go to Berlin to see AWT again. 

Peace & Love


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